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We don't do pancakes in our house - our 3 year olds will be the first to tell you that regular pancakes have "too much sugar" and need to be "gluten free". But there is something very satisfying about traditional breakfast foods, so my husband Tuan has created this ketocake recipe that I would like to share with you. Keep in mind that this is an LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) meal. If you are not used to this way of eating, I suggest you check out some LCHF websites. A few of my favorites are,, and

We've estimated that this recipe yeilds approximately twelve of these 4-inch ketocakes, each of which are about 227 calories each.

We only cook about half of the batter at a time. That gives us one serving for each of our kids, plus 3 more ready to go for the next day. We stick the batter in a covered glass container in the fridge and save the rest for the third day (and the leftovers from that batch for the 4th day). This way we only have to make the batter twice a week. We make these for the kids pretty much everyday because they LOVE them and we feel confident that we are giving them something that is nutrient dense and low in sugar so it is a great way to start their day.

So here's what you'll need:

8 eggs

120g Heavy cream

8 oz Full fat cream cheese

80g Macadamia nuts

20g Olive oil

60g Almond flour

Use a blender to mix everything except for the almond flour. We use a Vitamix, but any blender should work. Then hand-mix in the almond flour using a whisk.

Put a bit of olive oil or butter on a pan over medium heat and aim for ketocakes approx 4inch across. If they are too big they won't hold their shape nicely. We don't add syrup, as we are trying to keep them low carb. One tablespoon of syrup adds approximately 14g of sugar. That's 3.5 teaspoons of sugar! And let's face it, when you add syrup to pancakes, do you really only add one tablespoon? But if you want an extra treat, add 5 dark chocolate chips into each ketocake, and that will only add 1g of sugar to each one, which is pretty minimal.


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