February 13, 2018

People have asked if all of this work that I did to treat my sleep apnea has been successful.  Well, I can say that I do feel better airflow through my nose when I'm laying down.  The problem is that I still can't lay down flat for very long, so it's hard to give a def...

February 9, 2018

So it's been a week.  Gotta say I'm glad that week is over... 

Overall, there has been significant improvement in the amount of swelling, and the bruising is fading now with much more yellow in it than before.  My speech is still pretty difficult to understand and I can...

February 6, 2018

Much of the bruising has faded now to a light yellowing along the sides of the lower jaw and still extending down onto the chest.  

My husband and I took the chance to get away for a few hours and go the movies for a matinee.  It was fine to go out and about, but I...

February 1, 2018

Prepping my grill:  A week prior to surgery I had to go back to my orthodontist and turn in my old invisalign retainers for new ones.  These had cut-out areas for buttons which were going to help hold the upper splint into place and would also help to hold rubber bands...

December 1, 2017

I believe the late Shel Silverstein could make a great poem out of this blog title.  

If teeth were like toes, we'd have 5 little piggies under our nose.  

You could stand on your tip-teeth and chew with your toes.  

It might be hard to avoid nail polish on your lip,...

October 28, 2016

You may very well be wondering… what does nutrition have to do with oral health?  I can start by telling you it is more than just sugar and cavities.  In fact, oral health goes way beyond good oral hygiene habits and regularly scheduled professional cleanings...

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As a periodontist, I went to 3 extra years of training after dental school to specialize in treating periodintitis, a condition affecting the bone and gums around teeth.  I learned so much about disease and surgery, but suprisingly little about nutrition and health, and how best to support your body as you recover from surgery.  Due to my own personal journey through IBS and major back surgeries, I have since become slightly obsessed about these topics, listening to literally thousands hours of health podcasts, going to health conferences, and reading many books on the topic.  I have found that many of my patients are also starving for this information, but don't know where to start.  I hope this can be the place!

I cannot say it better than               Hippocrates...
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